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Sniper Forex is a worldwide online forex software provider. 1 To maintain our position as an industry leader in the online forex trading. 2 To continually add to our product range through financial innovation. 3 To continually establish new value adding services for our clients. 4 To provide an unparalleled trading environment for our clients. Jun 15,  · "Sniping" is a myth. Brokers can get in a real trouble if they are caught manipulating price in their software. Is easy to detect, just open another account with another broker and compare the market at the moment were you got stopped out.

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Sniper forex subscribed to a channel 5 months ago Market Traders Daily - Channel. 1, videos; The variables impacting the market are broad and diverse. As a trader, you need the most up to date.

Hi Niel, I wonder to consistently make profits in the market. Cause as we know, market moves so fast up down. How do we suppose to imply the connections between fundamental and the use of TF Time Frames accurately. For instance,once we enter market with higher TF Daily D1 which indicates the pair to drop,it likely market moves against our expectations.

What and how exactly the right way to read the TF.. How long it takes for the TF D1 to hit our Target? I never was a sniper but as a fisherman I am ready to subscribe to your every word from this article. Trading likes fishing too. You never know — catch fish or fish eat the bait often with tackle.

I know only one way to be a patience — LOVE! If you love fishing trading in mind — you will be a patient, careful, prudent and so on. But to became successful trader all this is not enough. Thank you once more — with deep reverence and gratitude,. For an older article it is definitely one of the most useful and has turned my trading performance completely around.

Hi Nial, Very helpful article and has changed my overall view of how i should be trading….. If you are close to your target, through a scope they will not only get nearly impossible to hit, but you will have a hard time even spotting them.

Thus, from a greater distance zooming out to higher timeframes you have all the overview and a lot more time to squeeze the trigger. Thank you so much for coming up with analogies like these overall, they wield incredible explanatory power. Dear nial,, very effective useful article, really i learned the value of patience.

I still believe that the lower timeframes are helpful to find low risk trigger entries, but the setups should be based on the higher timeframes over 1 Hr. Sniper trading will also lower your commissions, which naturally will add up over time if you over trade. I will i mean i will never trade a lower timeframe like in the past again. Thanks once again Nial,u really are a great life changer. This is the MOST inspiring and transforming article i have come across this period, this course made me add FXsniper to ma social network handles.

As i was going through this article, i can see myself thru it like a mirror, my mistakes were made manifest by the article, in fact, i see some reasons why i am failing in the forex trading.

From now, and I repeat, from now, I will increase my patience like a sniper to capture my target pips. This is better than any strategy. My view is that once each or one of us has hit our 3 trade a week limit, that person should stop trading even if it is say Wednesday and there is still Thursday and Friday to go.

For me that defeats the purpose! The way I see it is that if one of us has used up our trades early in the week, and the other person still has 3 trades left, the other person should continue trading but the person out of trades should stop! She says that if all her 3 trades have been good, why should she not be allowed to at least show up to the market to see what is available. From Now I will Trade better.

Thanks for this eye opener. In fact, lack of patience has been my main course of failure; I always think like a machine-gunner. Thanks again and keep opening our eyes the newbies.

This is definitely another hit with me. This has addressed much emotion battles l encounter. Really patience is sweeter honey, of course, honey from the combs. I have come across your name and website several times on the net but somehow I have never neither been attaracted to read any of your articles nor consider your trading styles and systems and courses. But the Title caught my attention like a lightning and aptly descripe my weakness.

Thanks again, and I hope you continue to provide other articles. Much wisdom in this. Hi Nial,i want to thank you for great advice that you share with others,i want to say that i tested many trading systems and very expensive ones in more than a year,but i soo the simple system work best,keep it simple,KISS.

Nial, you are truly excited about this lesson and rightly so. The Sniper analogy is great. Patience is still the glue to any and all strategies. Thanx for the article, very clear and useful… now we have to do the complicate stuff: This one was particularly good for me. Wont go into the reason but very nicely done and I will read it again. Basically, patience is the key for me. By the way, I think it is cool that you ask members to leave a comment but sometimes it seems you are looking for attention.

Your articles are great and if somebody is going to comment they will, weather you ask or not. Nothing more could be said. I have lost loads being a Rambo… Nothing other a Sniper is better. You said it all. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and expertise!

Hi Nial,truly speaking it is my weaknesses since I began to trade…you have provide this article as the guideline and I find it very helpful and I m going to apply it in my daily trade. Until then thanks and bye.

Hi Nial, You are totally right in this article. Good way of using the sniper mentality in trading, not only do you have to be precise but you also have to have Courage to go out alone and know that each skill and technique you mastered could and will save your life account. Hi Nial, Peace to your spirit,soul and body as you continue to release these creative ideas and hindsights freely to the trading community. Thanks again dear Nial. All your lessons are always a gem, but this seems to be priceless.

I adopt it as my watch word. Hi Nial, I think all of your articles are the best on the web. This article is a confirmation of this. Keep these great lessons coming. They then got traders to participate in war games.

The result was that both performed well and to the resurchers surprise at the coctail party afterward the traders and generals were mingling together and relating well. Hi Nail, your articles is simply the best and easy to understand by newbies like myself and thanks for all the great advice. Not that I though I was a top machine gunner but now looking back I fit the profile. Just this past Sunday I started to map out a different stragtegy, may sound familiar. Looked for inside bars with a trend.

Found two large bars followed by 4 days of inside bars. I feel good about the find however this morning I had an early meeting and never saw the position till this afternoon. Did not lose anything but felt great that I could wait for the set-up. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. Excellent article and well put Nial. You simplifiy very well on what your trying to tell us. Great , Great Article. Thanks once again for your wanting to truly help all of us who are trying to succeed.

I like the analogy…. Mastering trading is just like mastering accurate shooting — it takes patience and practice. Nial, this is excellent advice. I lived in Las Vegas for a number of years and worked in a casino. Everything you tell us NOT to do is exactly what most gamblers did. So I totally agree with your strategy and patience method. Thanks for the advice. Great article Nial, this type of article is great for newbies and those experienced a like, as discipline is easy to forget and manage.

Keep up the great work, it is much appreciated! Hi Nial,Thank you so much for this article surely you are indeed a price action forex sniper and you fully nailed the aspect of displine and patience in this one!! Man this information is priceless. You are a blessing keep writing as well as siping that coffee…we are learning something.

Hi Nail You have a gift of using words that really gets the point across and in a way that gets right to the meat. Thanks for all you do. Thanks Nial, I really needed this article! Nail, you have done it again. You are simply an angel.

May the the Good Lord Protect and keep you for our gerneration. You are simply awesome. On another note you say you are nearly at members,as I am one of them I would love to know how many have reached the stage that they can give up work as that is my goal and Im sure this would give encouragement to others?

I have also thought of trading as a sniper and seen the similarities. My trading is improving because of you. Hi Nail, thanks for your best article. I have started with USD My net profit could be much more than USD After closing any order by TP or SL, again I start another order to increase my profit or compensate my lost order, and most of the time I was losing again. In fact, Sniper has been my trading forum screen name for about 5 years on various forums. I decided on the name for all of the reasons Nial mentioned above.

Incredible article, as always, Nial. What you just described in this article is very true. Patience is the first ingredient, then comes strategy mastery and after that, confidence mind set if I may point them out.

Great atheletes become great by practicing the basics over and over again. Thanks Nial, for being a great coach. Thanks Nial, for being a great coach, who reminds us of the basic skills we need to be successful traders. Very useful article, everything in it is absolutely true. I became a consistently profitable trader when I started trading off the higher time frames and selectively.

I need to work a little bit on my patience though. Nial, after writing this, you have completed your Forex teaching mission I feel: This should do the big and due change in many traders towards success. Long life with Peace and happiness. Hi Nial, Another great article as usual. Truly, patience and discipline with good knowledge of price action is key to profitable forex trading.

You are a great mentor to me. Many thanks to you. All i can say us Awesome.. It took me more than six months and loose some bucks to realise less is more… thanks for your all ariticle.. I have been trading for about 2 years now on a demo.

Tried everything and yes i was shooting at everything i thought was a target. Since looking at the way your method works and starting to apply it, my trading has evolved. After about 3 weeks since i found your site, i have started to turn my demo account into a profit.

Your method really works. I purchased your course about 7 months ago and I am only just now getting the overall point that this article explains. You now have a skill for life as you now really know and have experienced how it actually needs to be done. Keep up the great articles Nial. Like the sniper in the army, they really have a specialised training.

Hi Nial, Goodday to you and i pray God blessings and favours…in all ur ways. You have been a great and priceless mentor to me personnally and much more to others i beiieve too-all at no cost!!! I seriuosly dont know how to reward but to pray for you.. I look forward to receiving these articles.

They are so accurate and easily read and I do not get the feeling that someone is breathing down my neck to purchase something. I usually save these articles to be read and re-read.

I think they are absolutely wonderful. Hi Nial, I like your analogy of comparing forex trading to being a military sniper. By associating forex trading to a sniper, it will constantly remind myself to be patient and wait for the perfect setup to appear! Nial, This is one of your great articles. A breath of fresh air.

Hi Nial,another great and well-written article. This article like so many of your other articles is priceless to both new and experienced Forex traders. Aquiring patience and exercising self-discipline and control is not easy,but thanks to your mentoring I am starting to apply these very important qualities to my trading,thank you.

Patience, Higher Timeframes,and Price Action is the way to go. You have hit the nail on the head with this one as I have tried as many new wannabe traders have to try to make easy money on the shorter timeframes. The only thing I got was sore eyes from constantly looking at the computer and a decreasing bankroll. Since I have signed on to your site one month ago I have learned a great deal and as I continue to study the course materials and review the rest of the information on the site I am gradually getting the hang of this market.

I have started playing the waiting game and it truly is worth the wait. Plus, my trading account looks better when I wait on the right trades. Nice overview of the mental state required for all this, Nial.

I am THAT close to signing up… the stress of trying to trade the 15, or 5 minute charts is bleeding me dry emotionally! Paying it forward… ;. Thanks, I appreciated this article when I read it. Patience and then decisive action is a good message for me. Then immediately invest in your site, company, whatever the hell. Cause this is awesome. You guys are doing a great job here giving us these awesome templates.

How are this strategy going Josh? Daniel, can i not use it with a TF of H4 or higher? Also let me know can i use it with different currency pairs or US Commodities? Theoretically it is possible, but in practice I did not use this system at higher TF.

Will be waiting to hear from you.. Have a good day! Daniel, I still not tried downloading any of these. Are these works from yours absolutely free? Thanks… sincerely from losing trader, jason. Hi Daniel, Can you update the indicator where it will take profit if you have sell position when the blue bars appear on indicator A and B automatically and also take profit when the red bar appears on the idicator A and B when you have a buy position?

Sniping is considered something done by brokers not traders, though it is debatable whether or not it truly happens. As far as brokers denying payouts, they normally have some sort of small print that allows for this kind of action however, any broker practising this without just cause would get shunned by the trading community and essentially, it would not be in the brokers interest.

That is unless the broker is a complete scam. This is good for you, and for them — they still get to buy the item they wanted, and you have just made two sales, one to the sniper and one to them. Brokers can get in a real trouble if they are caught manipulating price in their software. Is easy to detect, just open another account with another broker and compare the market at the moment were you got stopped out.

This "sniping" myth was created by newbies traders that see the price hitting their stops and then reverse.


NF December 7, at 7: Very well thought out article Nial.

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Hi Nial, Thank you for this lesson.

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