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I do not know how I can reach them. I tried calling the numbers I found for customer care on the HDFC site and the ones at the back of the card. They either do not connect, put me on hold or say working hours are Monday to Friday. I have been making international calls mind it as the number in Sweden does not seem to work.

Could you please suggest what to do? I tried calling HDFC customer care but was either kept on hold or told that the service was only available till Friday. I was making international calls here mind it. Could anyone tell me how I can raise a complaint..

The fore online banking does not allow that. The payment was declined by the merchant. Cannot reset username or password Cannot reset username or password. My user id is blocked. User interface is bad. Please help me to reset my password. The application for a new card was done on 10th of May. However to my horror, the card was never loaded and I was stranded badly in UK for those 2 weeks.

I had to borrow money from friends and somehow managed to survive. When I demanded full refund of my money, I was told this is not possible.

For no mistake of mine, I suffered badly while abroad and here again losing money. This is not acceptable. Can you please look into this and urgently get it fixed. Sincerely appreciate an urgent call on this to take the details. My Details Sanjeev Mahajan Return of Hotel Deposit on 24th May the hotel has reverted the deposit amount which not yet added back to my card.

Can you please tell me how many days will it take. This is purely an error from HDFC bank. I have submitted all the required proofs and following up for many days but no one is responding or helping to reversed my money. I escalated to till Level 3 but no single email response from them. I guess they will earn interest in my money and enjoy for long days. ATM machine kept on rolling and finally 'Transaction Cancelled' came on the screen. Sometimes they say it will take 9 more days, 11 more days.

Its very frustrating, I am in urgent need of money in this new Country. I haven't used the card since and I have forgotten the pin and User ID.

The contact details that I had provided were of my previous Vodafone no. So the message the site sends as I am not even getting my security question right is going to my previous no. I need my money ASAP. Please do not reply back to this e-mail. For any queries or clarifications E-mail us by visiting www. Finally II'm planing to raise a cyber crime complain on this ATM Withdrawal failed but amount debited Hi. The ATM couldn't withdraw cash however, the amount was debited from my account.

I am now stuck here with no money and I need urgent help. Hotel deposit return I had paid my hotel deposit from my forex card and the hotel processed my refund back in the forex card number. Would I get it back?

Jede dieser Währungen wird weltweit akzeptiert und kann in die Währung des Landes geändert werden, in dem Sie sich befinden. Der vertrauliche Informationen in verschlüsselter Form speichert und eine höhere Sicherheit gegen Fälschungen und Skimming-Kartenbetrug im Vergleich zu Magnetstreifenkarten bietet.

Diese Einrichtung ist 24 Stunden an allen Tagen verfügbar. Diese Dienstleistungen sind nach Visa Richtlinien gebührenpflichtig. Falls das auf der Karte geladene Geld ausgeschöpft ist, bietet diese Karte die Möglichkeit, auch in der Mitte der Reise neu zu laden. Reload-Anfragen können von jeder autorisierten Person in Ihrem Namen vorgenommen werden. Währung Umwandlung Steuer wird gelten als nach der unten genannten Dienststeuer: Ein Benutzerhandbuch ndash Sie erhalten eine physische Kopie des Benutzerhandbuchs.

Im Benutzerhandbuch erfahren Sie mehr über Ihre Karte. Sie können auch für E-Mail-Erklärung entscheiden. Ebenso gibt es bestimmte Geldautomaten in anderen Ländern, die eine Gebühr für Transaktionen von anderen Bankkunden erheben können.

Wenn das Terminal nicht freigegeben ist, wenden Sie sich bitte an Ihre Karte. Es ist ein vertrauliches Passwort für die Sicherheit Ihres Kontos.. Diese Einrichtung ist 24 Stunden verfügbar.

Sobald die Backup-Karte aktiviert ist, werden alle Mittel von der Primärkarte automatisch auf die Backup-Karte übertragen. Wie kann ich E-Commerce aktivieren?

Diese Einrichtung ist 24 Stunden verfügbar.

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Can you please look into this and urgently get it fixed.

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