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Eurex KOSPI Product Achieves Major Volume Milestone


Dec 16,  · “We are working with Eurex to list daily futures on KOSPI options at the European derivatives exchange,” said Chun Young-joo, president of derivatives market division at the Korea Exchange (KRX), adding that the South Korean bourse was aiming to start trade by the first half of 2 KRX-Eurex Cooperation –Trading KOSPI Options at Eurex During Korean After Hours n KRX and Eurex plan to offer after-hours trading of KOSPI Options at Eurex as of January The trading of the world’s most liquid equity index options.

The Eurex KOSPI Product is a daily futures contract based on the KOSPI options available on the Korea Exchange (KRX). The futures contracts expire at the end of each trading day and any open positions are transferred to KRX to establish a position in the KOPSI option.

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