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Forex trading involves signi-cant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Increasing leverage increases risk. LET’S GET TO KNOW FOREX A EDUCATIONAL GUIDE 28 GET STARTED WITH LET’S GET TO KNOW FOREX AN .

When, in June, while Chavez was in Cuba, rioting in the El Rodeo prison near Caracas saw inmates take over the facility — a relatively frequent occurrence in Venezuela's troubled prison system — the bungled response was illustrative of how little bench strength the Venezuelan government has, Joel Hirst, a Venezuela expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, said.

They teargassed family members, they teargassed the press. They evacuated the prisoners who were not taking part in the revolt in this weird process of putting them into metro buses," Hirst said. He should have officially handed over the reins to the VP, and he also technically can't govern from a foreign country… Elias Jaua, the VP, has been very vocal saying that he has no role in leadership, he did not make decisions," Hirst said.

And at the same time, they probably don't know what to do. He's got a whole bunch of people there who aren't qualified for the job. They really don't know what to do. However, the nationalization of industries and his propensity for removing competent people from key industries, based on their perceived threat to the regime.

The national oil company PDVSA is one example — according to Stratfor analyst Peter Zeihan, purges of top staff have left the monopoly operating well below capacity for years.

We've got an election next year, and unless his health takes a turn for the worse and prompts a reshuffle at the top, I think markets were a bit optimistic," Culverhouse told CNBC. All eyes will be on next year, and maybe this has an impact at the margin about what the election result might be, but I think he still stands a very good chance of winning next year, and he will ensure that the fiscal pumps are primed to that purpose.

If he is not able to take decisions, other people will probably feel that they can't take decisions, and I think you end up in a worse situation, for more unpredictable policies.

Financials and Tencent led the fall. Hang Seng index lost more than points, and fell to a morning low of points, down points. In the afternoon, the market fell further as selling continued unabated.

Hang Seng index lost more than points. Tencent and financials led the fall. Chongqing planned to eliminate connection fee for pipe gas. Gas suppliers fell sharply. China Gas lost 9. Macau gaming stocks fell sharply.

Great Wall lost 6. Oil stocks rose against the market as crude oil rose to four-year high. Jutal Oil Services rose 8. Mainland developers fell sharply. Country Garden lost 3. CR Land lost 3. China Overseas Land lost 3. Hang Seng index fell to close to points and reached a low of points, down points. Hang Seng index closed down points and H share index down points. Overseas markets were mixed. An Italian law maker declared that Italy was better outside the Euro zone.

European markets were down. Facebook and Amazon fell to drag down Nasdaq, which closed down 17 points. Night Future rose points.

We expect the market to fall today. US and Canada reached a new trade agreement just before the deadline. A shares fell sharply yesterday. The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rate today.

Baring Asset Management Asia Limited: Barings Conversations - German Equities. Bearish block trade of CPIC HK announced its annual results for the year ended June 30th , during which turnover from continuing operations declined 5. Loss per share equaled HK No dividend was declared.

HK announced annual results ended June The turnover rose 5. The profit swung into loss of SGD1. The turnover declined China Motor Bus Co. Aeon Credit Service Asia Co. Time Watch Investments Ltd. Eurozone's retail sales dipped for two straight months in August after seasonal and work day adjustments, declining 0.

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On his June 30 appearance, a pale Chavez admitted being treated for cancer in Cuba.

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