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To foster personal contacts between foreign exchange / money market dealers in Sri Lanka and abroad, with a view of promoting the necessary friendship and mutual trust. FOREX Trading in Sri Lanka is Possible and Profitable What it isn’t is a risk-free method to make lots of money in quick time. It’s true some lucky people can make a lot of money quickly but that is not sustainable.

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Our Live support is Online 24 X 6, where you can talk to our technical, demo or financial assistance in Sinhalese.

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Können Sie momentan nicht telefonieren? Dann stellen Sie Ihre Frage im Chat. During Q3, we …. NCM Pension Portfolios consist of three unique funds each designed to provide …. Established in , EIN Newsdesk helps millions of users track breaking news across thousands of trusted websites. Users may set up custom email newsletters and RSS feeds or search among thousands of preset news sections.

As a member, you may also submit your own news using the EIN Presswire distribution service. Membership is free and we do not sell or lease any information about you. Press release distribution, dedicated APIs, and custom services generate the revenue that allow us to offer you free basic access. Track news across more than 5, sources by country or industry or search our real-time news index. News page results can be outputted as RSS or received daily by email. You may also use our NewsPlugin for WordPress.

Our EIN Presswire's distribution footprint reaches millions. Waite Financial adds developing cryptocurrency platform to its growing portfolio of holdings with Bitco1k. SmartCash is pushing the limits …. OZSC , a provider of premium surgical devices in the rapidly growing field of minimally invasive …. IAM "the "Company" , announced today that the special meeting in lieu of an annual meeting of its stockholders that was scheduled for October 4, ….

Fight for the Cure! All of the shares of …. Sycamore Entertainment Group, Inc. Millions of professionals find us an indispensable source for breaking news. Basic accounts are FREE. We scan thousands of news sites, so you don't have to, saving you time and money. We are similar to Google News but focus on news tracking by country, industry and topic, so you don't miss any important news that affects your company, organization or interest. Any news page or search results can be turned into an email news alert or live RSS feed.

You can share relevant news on your website, intranet, workgroup or mobile device. It's a one-stop destination for all your alerts and feeds.

Manage your media monitoring in one secure location. And so easy to use. Check out our short video and check in with us to start right now. Join millions of professionals in business, industry, and government who have relied on EIN News since Get full access or log in to continue. Your free trial has expired. Please register for a regular account. Published on Oct 2, How if I used 1: I plan to start again with a demo account. Please share me with your experience….. Tyronne Well, it is very unfortunate to hear that you lost money.

As these guys mentioned in the above posts, this is a game of patience and knowledge. But once you master it, trading forex is fun. My advice, just slow down. It took me nearly 3 years to master trading. I am with Forex long time , this is one souse of my income, I am thinking to teach this to our guys but it is difficult in open web recourse it has some issue with regulation of Sri lanka. If rich panic monkey try to use it end of the day he will become poor bugger.

Thanks for your willingness to help others prosper. I am a Equity trader but have very little experience with forex trading. Some person from MTrade approached me. Udayanga, Depending on your broker there are plenty of payment options other than PayPal. You can use credit card, direct money transfer, AlertPay, debit cards etc as well. Kumudu, What do you mean by guarantee? If you invest some money in it then you can always get them anytime you want. Whether your amount increases or decreases depends on how you trade.

Usually all top brokers allow you the ability to withdraw money at any time and they pay on time. FOREX does involve risks but it can never be compared to a casino where everything is based on luck.

Make use of mechanisms like stop loss margins and make good decisions without getting too greedy, then you will succeed. Just check with Central Bank and they said forex trading by individuals in Sri Lanka is not legal. Please explain the real situation regarding forex trading. I have a best system for forex trading. If anyone can help me for improve these things I can share my skills and other things I have. I like to trade forex trading and I need some help. Actually learning the basics of FOREX trading is not that hard, its applying that knowledge with your experience that decides whether you will be a successful trader or not.

If you don't mind me asking what has being your biggest loss so far in monatary terms I am very new to this so I am skeptical. Just started going through all the study material. Your email address will not be published.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. How people search is displayed in eToro. Click the blue button at the bottom to copy a trader.

Share with your friends. Hello, Interesting article — Thank you for sharing! Guys, Always take advice from real Forex traders. Thanks for your willingness to help others. Can we use sampath bank debit card for forex. Very informative and highly readable article. Hi, how is the legal assurance and guarantee for our invested money to brokers.

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But once you master it, trading forex is fun.

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