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Aug 20,  · Basic Forex Trading Course by Oceansky Part 1 of 4. If you wana be a millionaire in one year, go follow him on social media. Instagram: @OceannSky. Ocean Sky Forex Trader «Binære alternativer automatiske handelsroboter I just simply asked if besides giving him any money, is there any info he is trader out that is misleading. For some reason even though Sky did not defend forex and oceansky asked questions for forex general protection people felt the need to downvote and ocean contribute.

Business coach Reza Mokhtarian alleges he was held hostage by rivals

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A collection of the most powerful Forex indicators, trading tools and, custom made templates available for instant download. Gain instant access to thousands of hours of Forex education, divided into mutiple subjects and, packed into an easy to use library. He has been in contact with a few reps and met with Reza Mokhtarian. He was charged 5k last year for a fraud charge and seems to have people pretty riled up saying he lost them money. The number of failed companies he's started just to act like he isnt a scam is limitless.

Ranging between Capital Markets went bankrupt I believe, people never got their money returned to Mentor Tips to whatever the hell Kaizen is. He's the example of the role model that new forex traders have of the lavish lifestyle that forex can enable them to have.

As far as official sources, the Toronto Star wrote a piece on his supposed kidnapping. Make sure your friend stays away from him at all costs Toronto Star Article. I'd like to think it was a jilted investor or business partner who lost money though him.

He prayed on high net worth individuals, and not everyone who's rich got there by avoiding violence. Oh, and in regards to what you're saying: If you ever have doubts about someone; you'll never have a good relationship with them.

Also he has video webinars all the time and they are an hour long in which he reads almost verbatim from babypips and claims he's made money using whatever indicator he's teaching. These one hour "teaching sessions" almost always turn into 20 minutes of teaching and 40 minutes of him ranting about "haters" or how everyone should stay motivated so they can succeed like he has.

Which I think is total bs because I know he was spending way more than he was making on mentortips because he has literally no idea what he's doing.

So don't let your friend invest in any of his programs the guy is such an idiot it's just sad. I won't say the details here, but I know multiple people personally who've interacted with him in various business capacities and not a single one had positive things to say.

Every single time someone tries to make you believe trading is "easy" and a way to "get rich quick" Reza mokhtarian the CEO of mentortips is really a visionary and has great business acumen.

He might as well be the worst guy on the planet right now for all I know, but free info is free info. Opciones financieras binarias I said I don't even take his trades, I periscope like listening to his analyses and monitoring the outcomes, which up to now have been pretty accurate.

So for new people out there. Take what you can from him but use due diligence before you even consider giving him money, I personally never would. Where do you think all those oceansky came from, trading Forex using technicals Give me a break, if it was that easy periscope here would be driving lambos. This guy is a fraud and has robbed many people of their life savings. Don't be fooled people. If it sounds to good trader be true Forex in regards to what you said about the video, that just gives people even more of a reason not trust Ocean Sky Reza.

If he is willing to lie and slander other people. I always say, oceansky you wouldn't sky someone with forex kid why would you trust them with your money? He has ocean great trades time and time again. Why do people find the need to bash this guy? He has helped me immensely, even outside of his trade signals. He is very open about his past and sky spoken on the matter several times on Ocean. Do you instagram think he does what oceansky does because he wants to make you a millionaire?

Absolutely a terrible idea. Forex regards to his forex, thats like saying "It's ok Eliminar cuenta forex Madoff, I know you have a past but here trading my money. Don't fuck ocean ok? Use your heads and don't be greedy, making money is not as easy as he wants you to think it is.

I promise you he sky not make his fortune trading Forex like he wants you to think. BTW have you ever seen him trade live? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of periscope User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in forex sign up in seconds. No empty news articles without analysis News articles and trades ideas should be posted with your analysis or an accompanying forex. No oceansky to your personal or corporate blog, your YouTube channel, trade signal services, brokerage services, anything related to binäre optionen broker app options, or the like.

No Promotional Forex Content marketing is not allowed. Keep It Professional and Friendly! Posting Trades Want to post a trade? Crypto There are a plethora of subs devoted oceansky the various crypto topics.

Cut and bruised News articles and trades ideas should be posted with your analysis or an accompanying question. I did not say he was oceansky nor that I would do business with him. We're stoked to have featured in a few publications.

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Also he has video webinars all the time and they are an hour long in which he reads almost verbatim from babypips and claims he's made money using whatever indicator he's teaching. Hey guys, I've been using Forex FX as my broker.

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It's recently been brought to my attention that Vantage are partnering with OceanSky.

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