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's of Share Brokers offers Online Stock Trading & Demat Account to retail investors in India. Our team of experts analyze top stock brokers and come up with broker reviews (i.e. ICICI Direct Review).The top 10 stock brokers in India - Top 10 Full-Service Brokers & Top 10 Discount Brokers in India.. We provide a comparison of brokerage charges, . Zerodha is a discount broker offering fixed price brokerage of Rs 20 per trade. Zerodha is first discount broker in India who launched the cheapest flat rate brokerage in Aug

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Rajandran is a Full time trader and founder of Marketcalls & Co-Founder of Traderscafe, trades mostly using discretionary Trading Concepts like Market Profile, Trading sentimental analysis, building timing models, algorithmic trading models.

Could you also please verify the accuracy as I found some major differences with eod data. Also is any gann afl for drawing the 45 degree lines available with anyone here. Kalpen, Iam intrested in sharing more simple strategies with amibroker to understand it in a better way to built complex strategies. Bijoy use this afl only for exploration….

Akki iam holding this afl got from traderji. Can you please send me the AFL to my mail id. As I am getting lot of errors and I am new to Amibroker.

Akki, oops My id is jagankris Y—-. Rajandran Sir can you post a article on afl related to scan stocks which can hit uc in coming sessions or near to the circuit filters in bse? Please download excel sheet with RT feed from Yahoo. Please let me know about the results. I am a new user of amibroker FL, and trying to figure out how this can be done. My original code is. I have a awesome oscillator as afl file in custom folder in ami broker , i want to use it to filter stocks, I want to know whn the awesome osillator crosses the zero line , can you help in the code for this.

I did as follows.. Hello, I am new to ami broker. As i am not capable of writing codes in amibroker so could any one help in writing a filter with slow stochastic for any time frame, to show which and how many stocks are trading in overbought and oversold conditions with price more than Rs.

If any body could help me in this, specially Mr. Will try it out. Apart from that Amibroker is the Best. I am reading your old posts from a few months now , i am really happy for helping out new bies like me with important materials.

Just a question, if i want to use amibroker exploration to find daily RSI high low for all scrips in watchlist than what code should i use , This can help me in selecting stocks for next days trades. Need a Alert option so that it gives me alert when the price breaks High or low of Previous day during the day. Alert could be a Pop up window so that i dont have to run Explore again and again. Try posting your requirements in Marketcalls community to get assistance on Amibroker Exploration or Scanning.

I have NSE data from in Txt format, but in this time a lot of stocks have got delisted etc. Now how can delete or atleast omit them from my amibroker. I m new to amibroker. I take guidence from market calls in the course of learning amibroker and daytrading. I get correct results only for few scrips which charts are open. Will you please help me with amibroker code. I need your help please.

Amibroker is a perfect tool for automating your trading process. Rest is all time effort. Your email address will not be published. This helps one to visualize how the volume in the first 1 hour compare to previous trading days. The purpose of the Exploration is to identify the stop loss of any kind of trade at the given time. Getting the newsfeed directly into my favorite charting software is always been interesting to me.

Price with Last Trade Price Marker: This curiosity arises when one of our Amibroker Mumbai Participant comes up with a simple trading strategy. However the profit table can be customized according to ones requirement. Zerodha started its operations as discount broker on 15th Aug This is a significant growth for a new broker in highly competitive brokerage market.

For a company which doesn't have any branch, except its Bangalore office, this kind of growth is phenomenon. The growth of the company was contributed by the easy referral model it offers to the customers.

Satisfied customers; who saved good amount of money in brokerage fees, referred their friends and family members and played a key role in the growth of Zerodha. Zerodha is a discount broker offering fixed price brokerage of Rs 20 per trade.

Zerodha is first discount broker in India who launched the cheapest flat rate brokerage in Aug Zerodha is as credible and safe as any other broker in India. You can find this information on SEBI website at http: Zerodha is a discount broker providing Fixed Price brokerage services without any monthly fees or additional charges like software uses charge. There are other discount brokers who work on different model including fixes monthly rent for trading with them.

The problem with this model is; you have to pay the rent irrespective to you use it or not. Also for each segment you have to buy separate plan. Zerodha is fastest growing discount broker in India. It has grown from 0 to 10, accounts in less than a year without any advertisements. There growth is all because of word-of-mouth publicity by their satisfied customers. This clearly shows how popular they are.

Zerodha has got approval from BSE as a trading member on May 17, Zerodha is planning to start allowing its investors trading on BSE in September Zerodha doesn't provide the demat account services. But you are free to use any other demat account including your existing demat account. The only challenge is; when you buy shares, the shares get transferred in to your account by Zerodha but when you sell them, the shares have to be transferred to Zerodha manually by you.

This could be a cumbersome process. That's why it is recommended to open a demat account also with Zerodha along with the broker trading account. If you already have a demat account with Indiabulls or any other DP, this account can be linked to Zerodha trading account.

When opening the trading account, please explain the situation and the representative will help you with this. On sell transactions, you will have to transfer the shares manually from your demat account to Zerodha, as Zerodha doesn't not have access to your demat account with Indiabulls or any other DP.

Contact Zerodha to get more information or account related enquiry. Stamp duty is charged under schedule 1 to the Indian stamp act for contracts shared with customer in any format including paper or electronic. The amount charged various by state from where the broker operates. Separate contract notes are sent for different truncation type i.

Thus separate stamp duty is payable for each segment. The STT is various by the transaction type i. Zerodha charges maximum Rs 20 per executed order in all segments i. It means it doesn't matter how many lots you trade in an order, the brokerage still remains at maximum Rs 20 per trade. Point of breakeven breakeven point or BEP in share trading is the price at which the net gains or net losses are almost 0 after paying the brokerage and taxes for both the buy and sell transactions and adding other expenses.

Or in other way, when the Net Profit or Net Losses reaches close to zero, the price difference is the breakeven point for the transaction. As Zerodha brokerage charges are cheapest in industry, the breakeven point with Zerodha is lowest too. The charges of their services are provided in the table below:. There is no minimum amount needed for opening or maintaining a trading account with Zerodha. The brokerages charges are also payable as you trade.

There are also no yearly maintenance fees for brokerage account with Zerodha. Note that you have to pay Rs per years for Demat account which you open with Zeordha along with your trading account.

Zerodha doesn't charge anything for software users. Both website based trading and terminal based trading platforms are available for free to all the customers. Zerodha also doesn't charge any account maintenance fees. Even if you do not trader from few months, your account is still active. We have an Excel sheet on our website which gives you the list of all stocks for which margins are provided.

You can view the SPAN margin report in your back office personal ledger. It's updated every day. If you have sufficient funds, your positions won't be squared off. For example, if the exchange prescribed margin for Nifty is Rs. There will be no margin call from Zerodha. Intraday margins are provided on request on the holdings in your account if you have sufficient cash for MTM difference.

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Zerodha is a discount broker offering fixed price brokerage of Rs 20 per trade. You should really check the contract notes for once to understand the various charges that are charged.

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There is an example if I buy shares at rs and sell it at rs

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