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Sunday, October 2, 2011.

Forex Trading Training for Beginners admin T+ The Foreign Exchange Market - also known as Forex or FX - is a global market for currency trading. Check out this guy from Malaysia, Adi, who now makes more than $ per day using one of Kishore M Forex Strategy. And another guy, Michael, generated $, from a mere starting capital of $ And this testimonial provided .

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kishore M. Kishore M (, MBA, CEP (IIT), ADSM) is an Ex-Hedge Fund Manager and has over a decade of experience in the Stock, CFD, Forex, ADR’s, Commodities, Index, Futures, Options & Cryptocurrency.

They buy while the trend is on the way up only to find out that the trend has reversed the moment they make their purchase and within minutes, their account is busted. He has gone on to make a video on the weird phenomenon and shared it with the public for free.

Of course, this is just one of the weird trends Kishore M observed during his classes. There are many more trends that he realized that caused many traders dearly. Imagine, the exact same mistakes repeated by almost all of his students. Of course Kishore M did not keep the secret for himself. During the trading session with his students, he pointed out the mistakes to them.

Much to the relief of his students, they finally know what had gone wrong all this while. After hours of trading, they started to make consistent profitable trades. The strategy is amazingly simple yet powerful. All these traders are also so shocked that just by knowing this, the whole forex trading game changes for them. From consistently making the wrong buy-sell decision, now they are making the right buy-sell decision almost all the time. Fortunately, Kishore M is willing to conduct free forex seminars in Singapore and India.

The seminars are for those who are interested in knowing more about forex trading. The seminar will give you a different insight on the forex market. However, no strategy will be taught during the seminars. May 8, , 2: Originally Posted by AlastorFate. Jun 3, , 6: Originally Posted by TradingGeek. Kishore M is still teaching and I was one his students who obtained for his Forex Traders Training course.

My personal experience was quite good and the knowledge I gained from his wide experienced career benefited me definitely. Now I have been trading from last 3 years on daily basis making considerable profits that helps run my family expenses. Jun 21, , I am currently working in a banking sector. Although the course was going at fast pace since it was a kinda crash course, I was able to grab terminology and the Forex strategies.

Thank god I knew the basic things before. I took his one on one course and was beneficial for me. Staff paid personal attention and supported me on first few trading transactions. I didn't earn much profit from it but i gain confidence that I can trade on my own now.

Sep 5, , 9: LinkBack to this Thread: Page 11 of Originally Posted by anley Just another marketer who happens to sell trading courses to gullible people, ie those who think they can get rich easy with a few expensive courses.

Originally Posted by AlastorFate Is he still teaching? Oct 19, May 7,

These strategies are what professional traders in banks use in their everyday trades.

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The provider, Kishore M and PowerUp Capital has staged various seminars around the world providing Forex education to thousands of people.

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