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Appendix K - JSE Derivatives Trading System API Document_JulydocJSE Derivatives Trading System API Document v 28/09//08/1. JSE Derivatives Trading System API Document v2 revdoc 26/07/10 Page 7 Dealer Risk Value Limits data – Number 24 92 Daily Rates – Number 25 93 Message Type data – Number 38 93 Tripartite Setup data – Number 61 94 Custom Future data – Number 63 94 Trace deal data – Number 64 94 Clearing member data – Number 65

The Equity Derivative Division of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has been in operation since , coordinating trading activities in warrants, single stock futures (SSF), and equity indices and interest rate futures and options.

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Provides the list of Symbols with highest Open Interest in Future contracts with delayed data. Provides the list of symbols gaining in different option instruments with EOD data.

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