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Vienna Business School is the name of an private educational institution in Austria with a focus on business and economics, operated in Vienna and Mödling by the Fonds der Wiener Kaufmannschaft (Viennese Merchants Guild). A survey work of this scope, given the abundance of prior specialist studies, is a challenging assignment and Hak delivers with competence and finesse.

In the other Handelsakademien , girls were only taught in separate classes from onwards. In the s, the Wiener Handelsakademien were taken over by the Council of the Vienna Merchants, from until it was administered by the city of Vienna. Since , the Handelsakademien operate under the name Vienna Business School. Notebooks are used in all classes from year two onwards, [4] [5] two foreign languages are compulsory, a third foreign language can be chosen as an optional course.

From the third year onwards, all students must choose an Ausbildungsschwerpunkt key area of training from the following options: A selective admissions process and initiatives such as the 'learning club' have meant that dropout rates at the Vienna Business School usually range between 20 and 23 per cent.

The successful Vienna Business School model has also been exported elsewhere; for example, a Russian Delegation visited to familiarise itself with the Austrian education system, and the Vienna Business School in particular, and on a separate occasion the president of the Russian Chamber of Commerce visited the Vienna Business School in Through the concept of HAK Plus, the Vienna Business School focuses particularly on exceptionally talented students, and enriches the existing HAK curriculum with additional skills, such as methodological, personal and social competences, as well as encouraging students to participate in extracurricular activities.

Vienna Business Schools can often be found in top positions in Austrian school rankings. The Vienna Business Schools have a particularly good reputation in so far as their education has a project oriented, interdisciplinary focus with an emphasis on personal development, as well as putting a premium on the use of modern technologies.

In addition, they catch on in areas such as accounting a lot quicker than others". Many prominent members of the Austrian political, cultural and business elite are among the alumni of the Vienna Business School. Businesses often hold 'career days' at the schools, and get involved with various projects. Vienna University of Economics and Business.

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Retrieved 27 February Die Presse - The electronic classroom. Ein Lokalaugenschein in einer Vienna Business School".

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All examinations are held at the school which the candidate last attended. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Recently, and in accordance with the Bologna process , many universities have begun to introduce a bachelor's degree also, which comes before the "Magister" or Master.

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