Why Reusable?

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HIPAA Regulations -- Spouse: The HIPAA privacy regulations generally restrict MedTrakRx from displaying prescription information about your spouse, except in very limited circumstances, since your spouse is the owner of her/his Protected Health Information. REVISIONS in Table of Contents. FORMATTING RULES MedImpact is editing incoming data per guidelines of the NCPDP standard. Please note the following: GENERAL RULES o Lowercase values are not accepted o We do NOT require Patient e-mail address (seeing this .

Why Plastics?

Central Restaurant Products has the restaurant equipment and restaurant supplies for your Ingredient & Mobile Ingredient Bins needs. Supply your commercial foodservice location with Mobile Ingredient Bins and Lids and Safety Storage Systems.. For additional information on Ingredient & Mobile Ingredient Bins, call our commercial foodservice Product Consultants at

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Reusable Plastic Bulk Containers

Impact-grade plastic lasts longer, standing up to heavy day-to-day use, season after season.

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PHI is "any information that identifies an individual and relates to an individual's past, present or future physical or mental health condition, health care treatment, or payment for health care services". Click here for the latest version of the User Guide.

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