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Handel: Theodora Arcangelo, Jonathan Cohen Royal Albert Hall, 7 September Of all Handel oratorios, the one that is probably most likely to put you off Christianity (or put you even further off Christianity) is Theodora.

Keep in mind that these periods are not necessarily just musical, but whole artistic periods encompassing architecture, painting, sculpture, and literature. There are definite painting styles, for example, that can be discerned during these three periods of time.

Moreover, one thing that defined the Baroque period aside from its wonderful music was the Rococo architecture. To be clear, most of the more recognized Baroque compositions are, with some notable exceptions, were written between and The Romantic period takes up the rest of the 19th Century up until Basically, the Baroque music is very elaborate and cerebral: Still very highly cultured, hardly out of place in a Rococo setting, and always a pleasure to listen to.

Romantic is almost all emotional: I find it boring, with some exceptions. Others love it and pay little heed to the Baroque i. But that is fine: To each his own! Johann Sebastian Bach is my favorite composer: The two classical composers who stand out above anybody else are, of course, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Franz Josef Haydn. Ludwig Van Beethoven is considered to have started the Romantic period, though his early stuff is very Classical.

His later stuff is quite distinct from his early stuff — clearly early Romantic, but his Symphonies are still quite paletable. Perhaps the best example of the middle part of the Romantic period would be the works of Richard Wagner. We've since continued to innovate on our more popular features such as Wish Lists , Customer Reviews , and Improve Your Recommendations.

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Es ist Wahrheit im Sprichwort, dass Zeit Geld ist.

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