Partial vs Full White Label – Which one is right for you?

What You Need to Know To Succeed As An FX White Label

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Sep 04,  · Forex White Label – Build your Brand. Organizations who want to promote or build their own brand in the Forex industry need a white label platform. Once you become a white label partner, you will have access to the same award-winning MT4 platform that most traders prefer, but it will be branded with your very own logo, Author: Ray Rosales. White Label Forex offer bespoke content solutions for brokers, money managers and FX education services. See how our platform can help you today.

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We will create your white label trading platforms with your logo’s strategically placed on all the platform. In addition we will build your backoffice, risk management tools, integrate your payment gateways and integrate all the modules for a seamless operation.

Here are three technologically enabled ways to help increase your client retention: Motivator 1 as mentioned earlier, offer a prominent Fx community available only via your website…to avoid the following very common default scenario: Since this client has a live account and platform now downloaded, he builds a new habit of simply trading directly from the platform locally on his computer, and he never goes back to your web page and never sees what is new there e.

The client will log into this community via your web page routinely. Technologically enabled Motivator 2: Provide on your web page educational videos , such that your clients can go and look them whenever they need help related to a specific topic.

Technologically enabled Motivator 3: If you fail to provide products that speak to these new trends, you will be at a competitive disadvantage. To succeed, you must think as a trader your client , put yourself in his shoes, and consider what needs he has. Then meet those needs. Given all of the aforementioned, then, when it comes to making a decision about whether to develop your own technology or to choose a white label solution , you may wish to even more strongly consider white label as an exceptionally powerful option.

There are several options available today from which to choose. Once the preliminary platform decision is made, you may and must shift your attention to the specific technological options available to you within or alongside your chosen platform. How much will the entire development of the white label cost me? What types of one-time and ongoing costs should I anticipate: For example, will I have a development payment, plus a monthly support cost, plus a trading cost-per-million?

How long will the implementation take? Will it be done in weeks, months, or years? Keep this in mind: Customizing and tailor-making the product for you may vary widely depending on regulatory requirements, reporting-feature needs, and the cultural market you are targeting languages included. Some providers may not be big enough to do this work in a timely fashion—or at all.

In this market, with the particular window of opportunity available, you will do best being able to launch the business as soon as possible. You will need to allocate time for applying for a license and organizing the office structure.

The money and time that you can save by choosing the correct partner can be used to focus on your business and marketing purposes. Will this option also come with liquidity? If yes, at what price? And also, will it come with mobile trading platforms and web platforms? What technology underpins and adorns the platform you are selecting? It must be accurate, stable, and fast.

Are the mobile trading features up to state-of-the-art: What mobile devices and operating systems are supported? Remember that mobile trading is the future, and that the desktop eventually will be replaced, especially in some cultures and markets like Asia, for example, where people use mobiles for everything. In matter of minutes, a taxi stops and picks you up.

It is also important to consider that the technology you choose must have the option to evolve new versions and products, in a way that is maximally adaptable to market needs. This means that your chosen technology must be characterized by an open architecture. Can the reports be adapted to my business practices, regulatory requirements, and internal procedures? Can it also be integrated with my other system s , for example with my monitoring?

And also does this technology come with an API application programming interfaces trading option? If the platform requires updates to meet changing market conditions or client demands, how easy or hard will the platform accommodate that—and at what cost? Will I receive ongoing, continual support? Does support come at an extra charge to me? Is the support proactive, routine, and educational or more reactive and emergency-based only? At the beginning, when you acquire the platform and associated technology, you must train the staff to use it.

Success in this regard does not entail a one-time training. Rather, it requires several trainings and follow-ups to assure that the staff and the sales team can all master it. Will the training occur over the phone? When you launch your brokerage, your staff will constantly experience situations that require provider guidance and assistance—situations ranging from client requests and complaints to staff-needed explanations of back-office and platform features.

Even if you are successfully trained and have a manual for the platform and associated technologies, daily experience and challenges will vary widely, and it will take some months until you actually understand how most aspects of your platform and associated technologies work. So you need a dedicated team from the provider to be available 24 X 6, providing you with support.

Where are your trades executed, and from where do you get the prices and liquidity? Who is the counterparty? A real, solid, and grounded partnership is embodied in a model in which the provider earns income ONLY when the broker earns income—reflecting a win-win situation, with no conflict of interest.

Processing and trading with real time data. Allows you to set automated trading alarms and signal messages. Enables the community sourced indicators and expert advisors. Gives a feature of trading in 32 different languages. Feature to creature various different customized indicators for different time periods varying from minutes to months. Secure trade session with unique username credentials given. Provides updates on financial news. Automatic position alerts via emails.

Timely system signals and trading actions. Contains all the necessary tools for traders of all skill set. Register to get an app. Some of the Key Features of our Trade Pad applications are as under: Traders can access the app and easily monitor the trading activity on their accounts. Easy access to trading accounts positions, orders placed, and open and closed positions.

Sync your account with trading activity in real time. Syncing your account with trading activity in real time. Profit and loss will be displayed on the history page. You can change the displayed dealing rates just by tapping on the rates settings. You can directly Buy and Sell from the displayed button. Tap on Stop or Limit to place a conditional order on the selected positions. Allows you to monitor the positions and to switch the accounts by Account Info Bar. Analyze the market with real time dynamic charts.

Tap on the indicators to confirm your positions from 18 popular indicators in-built. Switch from Candle, line to bar chart styles and trade from one window. Subscribe and unsubscribe is quick and easy, syncing all the applications.

Register to get an App. Some of the Key Features of our Trade Phone applications are as under: Live trading from your Trade station Phone account. Real time interactive charts with market dynamics and technical indicators. Making informed decisions viewing real time charts. Easy order and position management for all pending, OCO orders. Access to the details of your account in real time. If you have multiple accounts, you can access to the data of each account.

Easy and efficient setting of Stop or Limit or Closing of position. Know the past performance of your positions in an easy format. Know your closed position in detail. Creating and saving chart templates. Customizable subscription to instruments. Streaming live dealing rates to stay on top with up-to date prices quotes. Change the Forex pairs appearing on the screen according to your needs. Analyse the market with Real time interactive charts. View detailed info for pending orders which includes OCO orders.

Monitoring and examining the trades to know your balance. Work with all your account in real time data. Trading with the synced up to date data on trade droid. Follow your open position with detailed info available. Easy and efficient management of your trades with Stop loss and targets. Revalue your positions in an easy to evaluate format.

Trade droid supports the upto minute news, which keeps you updates. Customize the instruments in quick and easy way. Ideal solution for traders who cannot commit the time to building their own strategies. Easily achievable for traders who simply want to remove stress from trading. Signal providers have a consistently good performance so they can maintain and attract more subscribers.

Comparitively simpler to sort signals based on their total profits. ZuluTrade has introduced specialized sorting features to help you make the best choices that accommodate your trading needs and fit within your personal level of risk tolerance. Offers hundreds of signal providers for you to choose from.

Exclusive platform capabilities exclusive to this software. Advanced and sophisticated charting capabilities. Unique Automated trading features built in the software.

It even allows you to create your own EAs strategies. Allowing the trader to connect his own programming directly with his trade account. Diversify signals across different currency pairs to lower the risk from various news events. Copying their trading strategies and becoming their follower. Follow , trading experts from countries. Tracking the performances of the experts. Keeping a check and customizing positions by the followers. Monitor and execute the benefits.

Supports 28 different languages. Access to International market Instruments. Trade from anywhere and anytime. Quickly and easily browse the top experienced traders, their profiles and use filters to find the most successful ones.

Copy all trades of a particular trader using AutoCopy option. Use in-built charts and analysis tools to monitor your trade positions. Empower the trading field by emphasizing on the different strategies and make your own. Become an earning follower with easy application and huge returns. Order Depth Tool Give graphical overview of pending market and entry orders.

Trading Order Tool Allows broker to place orders on behalf of traders or manually control the margin call execution.

We offer a unique set of services essential for creating a successful Forex trading firm in this dynamic industry.

At Turnkey FX, we address each aspect of this complex forex business environment. Opening up the Nest trading platform and third party software to find the status of trades or the data related to the stocks manually. An application finds the status or the data of the stocks by sending a message to the omnesys API in the structured format and then getting a reply in the structured format. Back-office Tools That Matter! Full Access to Back Office Back Office is designed to create Accounts, Managed accounts, dealers and affiliates in easy and straight forward steps.

Over 25 Business Reports Array of reports to address your business needs as well as client requirements. Automatic Reports Generation Back end create and generates report of commission and charges automatically.

Custom settings on Group and Individual account level Full control to set the commissions and spreads on user-end level. Multi Hierarchical Functionalities Create different levels of access for associates, from view access to full power mode for each functionality. No Restrictions on Number of Groups Create as many as groups with different commissions and spread structure.

Anonymity of White Label's Clients We make sure that your details remain confidential within our organisation. Tools for Modern web. Integration with payment options The online payment options on the website will be directly integrated with your platform. Live Demo Accounts Register yourself on the website for live demo accounts and you will get an auto-generated email from us, with the login id and the password. Auto-generated E-mails In case there is any discrepancy once you are in live trading with us, like shortfall of margins, inactive trading account, document missing or incapable losses; there will an auto generated email explaining and requesting you to complete it.

Web Based RMS Once you are in partnership with us, we will provide you with web based back end risk management system to manage and minimize the risks. This RMS can be accessed from your web or mobile at any time according to your convenience. Join our long, happy-client list now. What Our Clients Say.

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Sync your account with trading activity in real time. Automatic position alerts via emails.

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Dynamically innovate your brand with the powerful and supportive back end systems. Daily and weekly analysis, available via RSS or a dedicated web service.

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