Karen Handel tells mom of LGBTQ daughter why she shouldn’t be allowed to adopt


Karen Handel, the Republican candidate in George 6th's congressional race, does not believe LGBTQ Americans should be allowed to adopt children. Georgia's high-profile special election is about more than Democrats' egos. Jun 07,  · Deal claims Handel supported gay adoption By Jim Tharpe on Monday, June 7th, at a.m. Nathan Deal is portraying gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel as out of step with Georgia Republicans because she allegedly supported gay adoption seven years ago.

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As the Georgia Voice reports, the candidate was twice questioned about her stance on gay adoption , as well as the rights of LGBTQ families, and both times pointed to her faith as the cause of her inability to go beyond hollow compassion devoid of action. This deaf man got his hearing back.

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Adoption is still under debate.

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