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Uninterrupted IT support has become very important as the global financial system continues to grow larger and more interconnected. To find out how Murex Operate delivers expert technical support of the MX.3 platform outside of standard working hours, click here. Asking for Murex documentation is maybe the number one request, coming from consultants, customers or even internally. Don’t be fooled, while Murex is a great system it is also complex. The system has loads of configuration options to cater for the numerous market conventions found across the globe.

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China Merchants Bank (CMB) went live on Murex’s MX.3 trading platform to improve the technology at its Shenzhen and Shanghai operations, following the bank becoming one of the first Chinese financial institutions to join the R3 blockchain kinoparks.mld: ; 32 years ago in Paris, France.

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Rate relationships have changed a lot in the more recent versions with bugs and enhancements.

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