Forex Strategies by Traders Using Fibonacci Levels

Forex Fibonacci Trading Handelsstrategie

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Eine bekannte Forex Handelsstrategie ist der „Fibonacci“-Ansatz. An dieser Stelle soll es nun darum gehen, wie Anleger mittels Fibonacci Trading und „Retracement“-Variante handeln können. Ein gewisses Basiswissen braucht es natürlich für das so genannte Forex Fibonacci Trading, um die gewünschte Rendite erzielen zu können. Fibonacci retracement levels are those that are lower than the % of a price swing, while extensions are those that are above %. Fibonacci levels are used as support or resistance, and/or for projection of profit targets.

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If you draw Fibonacci levels on it (like what I did), you will see how Fibonacci numbers, specially the , work. They say ratio can be seen in everything in our body in internal and external organs. How to Use the Fibonacci Numbers in Forex Trading? Fibonacci trading is not complicated.

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Finding Fibonacci Retracement Levels

Wait for the price to retest the Again when the price broke down the

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But there are also a lot of other traders who keep their positions and wait for the price to start moving to the direction of the breakout again. So the price starts moving to the direction of the trend again 3 in the above image.

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